Course Description

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SWIM - 1/2 mile ocean swim, parallel with the beach, with the
current,50-100 yards off the beach. Wetsuits allowed
according to USAT regulations based upon water temp.

Click HERE to view wetsuit regulations.

BIKE - 13 miles, 3 loops of the south bike trails, entering
"Tightwad" and finishing on "Grunt". A combination of fast,
tight twisty single-track and and a little open fire road. All the
trails are easy to intermediate, but become more difficult
with speed. As with all Xterra races the Bike course is
marked with BLUE arrows.

RUN - 3.2 miles/1 loop of the south hiking trails that run
parallel to the bike trails. This is more twisty single track with
a fun dune trail, and a sprint down the beach to finish.As with
all XTERRA races, the RUN course will be marked with RED

WATER STOPS - There will be 4 water stops on the run and 3
stations on the bike which you will have an opportunity to
access on each lap. We will have water and Gatorade at all
stops. We will have a feed zone at the transition water stop.

You may make your own accommodations for food and
water thoughout the course or have family friends for
nutrition support if you wish
as long as it does not interfere
with other racers or alter the course in any way.

PLEASE share the trails and let faster riders pass as soon as
you safely
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